A PAnda Pont Mérnöki Iroda Kft. 2002-től foglalkozik mérnöki szolgáltatással, ezen belül tájépítészeti tervezéssel, környezet-
rendezéssel és kerttervezéssel. A szolgáltatások körébe tartozik még a tájépítész műszaki ellenőrzés, termékfejlesztés és a kertépítés is.

Tevékenységi körünk a családi háztól a golfpályáig, a döntés-előkészítési dokumentációtól, a szabályozási és engedélyezési terveken át, a kiviteli tervekig bezárólag felöleli a teljes tájépítészeti és kerttervezési feladatokat. Tájépítész és mérnökeinkkel, a kivitelezés folyamán a műszaki ellenőri feladatok ellátásával biztosítjuk, a megfelelő minőség elérését. Kertépítés tekintetében, a családi házak kertjeitől, az ipari létesítmények zöldfelületein át, a tetőkertekig vállalunk munkákat. A mérnöki szolgáltatások kiegészülnek a speciális termékfejlesztéssel. Egyedi igényeket is kielégítő beltéri növénydekorációk tervezését, és kivitelezését, a fenntartással együtt is vállaljuk.


PRIVATE GARDENS - Planning topics

As a first step we obtain necessary information on the planning basic data and the preliminaries. Since these plans are made by computer fully thus accuracy and elaboration of the basic map will influence the reliability of such projects to be formed later. After analysis of the basic data we recommend to make the basic map and to process it, respectively. It may be done so that from the permission documentation some architectural ground plans will be taken or the existing manual drawings would be digitalized. Usually we offer our own digital geodesy which corresponds to the exact record of the actual conditions. This survey will be obtained separately thus it as a layout plan can be used for a subsequent building. Parallel with the geodesy - provided that a garden should be reconstructed or a semi-finished one should be completed - the existing green surface elements of the garden will be surveyed too. By the way, using a digital photographic method several types of cover, equipment, places of lamps and existing vegetation can be recorded. At the same time the actual technical problems are surveyed too. During process of the beginning basic data, namely within the frame of a conversation we obtain information on the owner’s demand.

In this way we make the conception plan of the landscape-architecture. By which the functional parameters of the spaces to be arranged within the garden are determined. Considering the exact layout dimensions the covered surfaces, equipments and all the components determining the whole garden will be indicated. The plantation - wihout denomination - will be demonstrated corresponding to its character. One part of our plans is constituted by the conception elaborated for the garden light. We have however proposals for existing technical problems to be solved, too. Modifying the conception plan we elaborate the right garden project if required which can meet - in all respects - the owner’s requirements.

After closing the conception plan the costs related to the landscape-architecture will be estimated roughly. In this estimation the materials to be used for building and the related construction works are listed by item. On the basis of the conception plan and this estimation any quotation can be requested from the contractors. For comparison of these items we can help the owner. After a competition or tender it can be seen that at what price the garden would be constructed. In such case the owner has to decide if he would allocate this amount for the project or not. If he does so we shall advise him for the schedule of the works - for several years too. If the owner does not allocate this amount needed for the landscape-architecture so we shall examine whether the costs would be reduced and the conception plan will be elaborated accordingly.

After all the garden project can be implemented according to the owner’s demand and to the financial conditions.

In the last phase, starting from the program of the conception plan several detailed execution plans needed for part projects and plantation plans will be made.

Upon the owner’s request we will provide a foreman’s service for the construction works but the designing consultation constitutes an integral part of the project.

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INVESTMENT, MANAGEMENT - cost-oriented planning

For investments of green areas the complete planning process is included by our service.

For elaboration of the Detailed Management Plan of the area to be chosen the investment program and the scale can be established by confirmation of the program given for the green area project. If required, a preliminary study or draft is elaborated including the investment program, consideration of the financing possibilities and cost-oriented technical solutions. Here the participation in tenders can be looked for and the professional part of tenders can be compiled.

Making proper regulations the permission plans can be established. Accordingly we shall recommend the clients to know ins and outs of the building acts when the conceptual and the effective building permits are made. The permission for short cut billet and approval part projects of other fields determine the content of the tender designs. For tender process not only the making of documentation is supported but we can engage in assessment of tenders, considering either professional aspects or alternative solutions offered by the contractors, too. For making of the execution plans our concepts will be refined and the actual technical content will be confirmed, taking the given allocation into consideration.

Within the frame of the designing foreman’s duty the problems occurred can be solved immediately. We shall professionally control the investments planned by others.

By means of expertises we can contribute to settlement of trade and legal disputes arised with reference to green surfaces, landscape-architecture and hirticulture. Moreover we are engaged in tender for procurement and in consulting works.

Depending on elaboration of the plans and their content the whole planning phases implies the designer’s estimation and the related allocation. Thus any change of the investment costs can be monitored step by step. Owing to this control the cost-saving solutions can be fed back the designing process in good time.

As general designer of investments related to green surfaces we can co-ordinate the specialized part projects of the landscape-architecture. Thus we can engage in road planning, drainage of surface rain water, public works, electrical projects, water laws permits, architecture, statical design, water engineering works and planning of automatic irrigation system, too.

The planning process is fully computerised, starting from the digital geodetic survey, through the comprehensive environmental design up to our specialized part projects. It enables a quick data exchange and hence the plans can be modified more effectively. In addition to this system we can made - quite alone in Hungary - special interactive environmental design too.

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First in Hungary our company has made a background that using Internet our designing projects would exceed the limits of the computers operated within own network.

For this the section „Consultation” found on our homepage can give a scene.

After entry of a user’s name and password and by means of a computer with connection Internet this page can be accessed. Within this frame a CAD-based consulting surface is available for our clients. Through the special panels the plans made by our office can be downloaded, inspected without deterioration of quality, given an expert and the opinions can be sent by e-mail to us back. There is a conference module operating in the principle of chat so that at the same time a certain project can be discussed from several countries, too.

Owing to this system the communication between the designers acting on the same project became more direct. Whereas the problems occurred under execution can be handled more easily.

Here is an example indicating the efficiency:
On a golf-course with 18 holes, 90 ha total area and designed by us for 40 ha surface of the game any section including undercut-backfilling and calculation of the earth mass can be presented on the building site within 15 minutes reckoned from the time of receipt of such request in a digital form which can be printed.

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As regards technical solutions the environment-friend products and technologies are prevailed more and more.

On the field of environmental planning several solutions are offered which enable to design any green surface by means of energy- and environs-saving projects.

The possibility of water economics includes the return of rain water, biological purification of sewage, bath lakes without chemicals. The recuperative sources of solar, wind, water and soil energy can be used for many purposes such as operation of garden lamps or heating of greenhouses etc. If the organic matter is managed deliberately so the green waste can be returned to the actual area and the heat generating at composting can contribute to the forcing of vegetables, too.

Using the environment-friend materials and building methods the garden may show an unique character.

If a green roof is constructed on a building so in addition to fixing of rain water many other advantages can be attained.

For planning, if the above-mentioned items are joined to each other so a complete system can be obtained which will be recovered in the course of maintenance.

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